We are opening by appointment effective 6/15/2020.

For the safety of staff and other patrons- do not come to the library if you have a fever, cough, or are feeling unwell. Wayne Public Library will open to the public by appointment for adults beginning June 15th with the following restrictions:

If you do have a mask, we ask that you please wear it in our space. 

Patrons will be requested to use hand sanitizer upon entering the library.

Please continue to return items to our outside book drop.

Appointments will be available:

Monday-Thursday: 1 PM-6:30 PM                  

Friday: 1 PM-4:30 PM                      

Saturday: 10 PM-12:30 PM

  • Appointments must be scheduled the day before desired time. One computer appointment and one browsing apointment are allowed per day per patron. Call: 402-375-3135 to schedule an appointment.
  • Browsing appointments: 8 patrons will be allowed in the building to browse at a time. Browsing appointments will occur at half hour times. (I.E.: 1:30 PM, 2:30 PM, 3:30 PM etc.)
  • Computer appointments: 3 computers will be available for use by appointment to enforce social distancing. Appointments will begin at the beginning of the hour (I.E.: 1 PM, 2 PM, 3 PM etc.) to ensure staff have enough time to clean in between use. No gaming will be allowed on the computers at this time.
  • We will be limiting the number of people in our space. Only one person per family will be allowed in for an appointment, and children will not be allowed in the building at this time.
  • We will expect you to be present during your scheduled time for your appointment. We will not extend scheduled appointment times.

We will continue to offer curbside service! Please take advantage of this service if you are uncomfortable with visiting us. Call us at: 402-375-3135 to schedule an appointment and ask questions.

With the beginning of Summer Reading Program June 1st, our curbside service is changing. We are no longer limiting the number of books, magazines, audiobooks that patrons can check out!

We have also expanded our games, puzzles and DVDs to a limit of 10 total.

Item requested will be available the next business day.

Curbside hours are now 10-7 Monday through Thursday, 10-5 on Friday and 10-2 on Saturday.

To set up our curbside service -

  • Step 1: Call 402-375-3135 or log-in to your account online to request items. (If you are interested in our puzzles please call in to request as online holds are currently not working for those items)
  • Step 2: A librarian will call the following morning to schedule a time frame for your pick up.
  • Step 3: Arrive at the library at your designated time and call or ring the doorbell to let us know you have arrived.
  • Step 4: Return/remain in your vehicle or at least 6 feet from the entrance while a librarian places your items on the table located at the building entrance. Once the librarian has re-entered the building, you may pick up your items.

We do ask that you return items via our book drop (located next to the bike rack).

We have items returned enter into a quarantine period for 72 hours before checking in and returning to the shelves.

If you don’t know what you’d like to get and do not feel comfortable with our online catalog, phone or email us to share titles, authors, genres you have enjoyed and we will be happy to pull a selection for you to try.

We are happy to share that we can now print pages for pick up through our curbside service!

  • Step 1: Email what needs to be printed to and specify if you want the pages to be double sided or not, and if you want it to be printed in B&W ($.10 a side) or color ($1.00 a side).
  • Step 2: A librarian will reply with the cost of the print job and to schedule your pick up time.
  • Step 3: Please place the amount exact amount due in an envelope with your name on it (we can’t make change). When you arrive to pick up, drop your envelope into the drop box and let the librarian know you have arrived by either calling or ringing the doorbell (located on the dropbox).
  • Step 4: Return/remain in your vehicle or at least 6 feet from the entrance while a librarian places your print outs on the table located at the building entrance. Once the librarian has re-entered the building, you may pick up your items.

Need to set up an account? The library will be issuing temporary library cards via the phone! Give us a call at 402-375-3135 to get started.

Need to pay off an old fine to access your library account? Call to find out the exact amount and drop off your cash or check payment in an envelope with your name on it. We will be unable to make change during this time.

Public Wi-Fi is available 24 hours a day from our parking lot! Feel free to use from the comfort of your vehicle whenever necessary.

Check out Ebooks and Audiobooks through the Libby App.

Online Databases are available for all Nebraskans through NebraskAccess. These resources can be accessed with either your Nebraska driver’s licence number or this password: 1867detour4

Learn a new language through Pronunciator

Keep your mind sharp with brain exercises from BrainHQ

Follow the library on Facebook. We will continue to share the most up to date resources, videos, story times and more through this and our other social media pages.

Visit for more information on this issue.



The Wayne Public Library provides materials for community residents in a variety of formats for recreational and leisure pursuits as well as accurate and current information for daily problem solving.

Access to other materials or information will be obtained through interlibrary loan or online database services. Special emphasis will be placed on materials and programs of interest and benefit to children and youth that support enrichment of reading and learning.