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Sewer Rates
The monthly customer sewer charge is made up of two parts, a customer service charge, and a commodity use rate.  The customer service charge is a flat monthly fee based on your location and the size of your water meter.  The commodity use rate is calculated based upon the amount of water you consume in a month.

Rates effective April 1, 2016

Monthly Customer Service Charge

Meter Size Rate (Inside City Limits)  Rate (Outside City Limits) 
3/4" or less $8.00 $16.00 
1" $11.75 $23.50
1 1/4" $16.50 $33.00
1 1/2" $22.25 $44.50
2" $37.00 $74.00
3" $80.00 $160.00
4" $138.00 $276.00
6" $307.00 $614.00

Monthly Commodity Use Rate (per 1,000 gallons)

Applicable for all residential and non-residential uses, including combined residential and commercial uses.  Consumption is in gallons, and dollar charges are per 1,000 gallons.
    • Inside City Limits: $6.35
    • Outside City Limits: $12.70

    All residential rates shall be based on an average of the water usage during the months of December, January and February; and the sewage contribution of a residential user who has not established an average for the months of December, January and February shall be charged, based on proven averages, in the following manner:

    • Single occupancy: 2,000 gallons per month
    • Double or more occupancy:  5,000 gallons per month

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