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Electronics Recycling
Electronics Recycling
Come bring your unwanted electronics to a collection event on Saturday, September 23, 2017, 8:00 am to 11:00 am*, eastbound on 3rd Street between Lincoln and Pearl, next to the Wayne City Hall parking lot. This block of Third Street will be closed to traffic. Enter from Lincoln Street to unload your electronics and exit onto Pearl Street.

This event is sponsored by the City of Wayne Green Team with support from the Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality through its Waste Reduction & Recycling Incentive Grant.

* Event may end earlier if the truck fills up. Come early to make sure you can recycle your electronics. 

What kind of electronics did you accept?
We are accepting TVs, monitors, computers, laptops, floppy discs & CDs, telephones, cell phones, printers, cameras, cords, keyboards & accessories, networking equipment (routers, modems, Ethernet cables), docking stations, stereos, speakers, CD players, gaming stations, chargers and more. Sorry, no batteries, VHS tapes, or large appliances accepted. Click here to see the full list of acceptable and unacceptable items.

Are there any fees?
Yes, we ask for a suggested donation of $10 per carload and $50 per business load of reasonable size.  Our priority is to serve households, which have limited access to electronic recycling services.  There are specific fees for more hazardous electronics, such as TVs and monitors containing CRTs, and microwaves, which are difficult to recycle.  All fees help support City of Wayne community programs focused on waste reduction as part of our overall Zero Waste strategy.

  • Suggested donation of $10 per carload, $50 per business/commercial load
  • Additional fees for hazardous electronics containing CRTs (Cathode Ray Tubes):
    • Monitors: $5
    • TVs: $10 for any size
  • $10 per microwave
  • No fee for flatscreen monitors and televisions

Why should I recycle my TV or monitor instead of throwing it in the landfill?
These items contain CRTs, or Cathode Ray Tubes.  CRT items contain hazardous substances, such as mercury, lead and phosphorus among other things.  A standard CRT monitor can contain up to eight pounds of lead, while the mercury amount is smaller but just as harmful.  When these items are thrown in the landfill, they get broken, which causes leaching into the soil and groundwater when it rains.

Our electronics recycling provider, Nebraska Recycles, de-manufactures a portion of the CRTs at its facility then sends the remaining hazardous glass portion to an EPA-approved facility for further processing. The Wayne Green Team pays Nebraska Recycles to dispose of electronics in a responsible and environmentally safe way. Your efforts make a difference in protecting our planet.

Questions or want to help?
Email us and be sure to like us on Facebook.  Thank you!

 2017 recycling event

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