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Looking Ahead in Wayne
April 19, 2017

Regular City Council meetings are at 5:30 p.m. on the first and third Tuesdays of each month and for the time being, meetings will be held at the Wayne Senior Center at 410 Pearl Street.

Electric Vehicle Will Be Displayed at City Hall Parking Lot May 2nd at 10 am

We have purchased a 2017 Ford Fusion Electric Vehicle for the City Planning and Building Inspection Department. Through a substantial dealer discount and a grant from Nebraska Environmental Trust the cost to the city will be under $15,000. This EV has a backup gas engine for out of town trips but will be used primarily in our in-town fleet of vehicles. We're working in partnership with the University of Nebraska to calculate the payback period for the cost of this vehicle by using electric power instead of gasoline. We'll have this car on display from 10 am to noon on May 2nd. Mark Broman from Nebraska Environmental Trust and Anne McCollister from Nebraska Community Energy Alliance will be here to answer questions and to receive our thanks for their support.

Arbor Day and the Urban Forest
Wherever you are as you read this, look around and know that 150 years ago there was not a tree or building in sight -- only grass. We settled this prairie with trees to moderate the open, windy, hot or cold climate. To maintain the urban forest we enjoy, we have to plant new trees as the old ones die. Look around and see if there is a space for an Oak, Sycamore, Maple or Blue Spruce in your yard. We reimburse $50 if you bring us the invoice.

Wind Turbine Power for Wayne
In the last few years, the cost of large turbine farm wind power has plummeted by more than half through government subsidies and design improvements. We've been looking at two offers to sell us wind power that would provide about 15% of our total energy purchased. One offer is from the Rattlesnake Creek Project which will be 150 new turbines north of Wakefield. The other offer is from the Cottonwood turbine project in Webster County, Nebraska. NextEra is building their wind farm this summer. The prices are both very low so we've focused on the contract terms.

City staff and our legal and power cost consultants recommended the 25-year contract with NextEra for power from the Cottonwood Turbine Project to the city council. The city council has approved the contract and we'll begin taking power sometime in 2018.

The addition of this 15% from wind turbines to the 15% of our power we currently get from the federal hydroelectric dams in South Dakota totals 30% of Wayne's power from renewable energy sources.

Questions or Comments?
Call Lowell Johnson, City Administrator at 402-375-1733 or contact him by email.

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