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Looking Ahead in Wayne
May 16, 2018

Regular City Council meetings are at 5:30 p.m. on the first and third Tuesdays of each month in city hall at 306 Pearl Streets. We would love you to take part in your local government.

Tree Trimming
The trees are starting to leaf out and new growth is prominent. You may like to trim your trees at certain times of the year, but the City wants to remind everyone to be considerate of those using the sidewalks as walkers, runners and bikers. The law states that all trees hanging over the sidewalks shall be trimmed to seven (7) feet above the ground. This should be ample height for pedestrians and property owners alike to enjoy the beautiful trees in our community.
Grass and Weeds
With the steady rains the last few days and warmer temperatures, grass and weeds are starting to grow quickly. This is a reminder to mow, and to mow in the lawful direction if discharging grass clippings out of the side of the mower. It is unlawful to allow weeds, grasses or worthless vegetation to grow 12 inches or greater in height. When you do mow, make that first path with your mower blowing away from the curb so clippings are not being deposited into the street. If you should happen to get clippings in the street, please sweep them up and discard of them appropriately. It is not allowed "to the gutter of any street, dirt, rock, gravel, leaves, grass...". If you have questions about these laws, or observe someone violating these laws please contact the City.

Pet Licensing
We will call this the trifecta for law/code reminders for this time of year. Chapter 90 of the Wayne City Code requires all dogs and cats to be licensed during the month of May. New licensing and renewal licensing is $6 per animal. If a pet owner forgets to renew, the cost goes up to $21 on June 1. So get those pets licensed in May and make sure "Scruffy" and "Boots" are returned to their rightful owner should they ever escape your home!

Questions, comments, concerns? Contact Wes Blecke, City Administrator at 375-1733 or .

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