Trees for Wayne


This is an annual tree-planting program designed to improve the quality of life in our community by replenishing and improving the trees in Wayne. It has been devised to assist citizens of Wayne in purchasing quality trees for planting along the streets. All project trees will be planted within 20 feet of the curb. Threes will be planted between the sidewalk and the curb whenever possible.

Where the terrace is eight feet or less, the tree will be planted five to six feet from the sidewalk on the property owner's side of the walk. This provides better growing conditions, lessens potential sidewalk and street damage due to tree roots, and creates a more spacious atmosphere in the neighborhood.

How It Works

TreesEach winter and spring, the City of Wayne will take applications for the planting of three to five varieties of trees. These varieties will be selected based upon their desirability as street trees and will be rotated to ensure a diverse population of trees exists in our community. For a fee of $25.00 per tree, the City of Wayne will purchase, deliver, and plant a 1" to 2" diameter tree from the city's nursery.

Trees and the selection of species will be on a first-come, first-serve basis. Plantings will be limited to 50 trees per year. Property owners who want a tree planted in the spring should contact the Public Works Department.

After an application form is completed and approved, the property owner must then remit $25.00 per tree to the City of Wayne before the tree will be planted. The property owner is responsible for ALL care of the tree after planting.