McGruff House & Truck

What is a McGruff House?
McGruff House
A McGruff House is a temporary haven for children who find themselves in emergency or frightening situations while in a Wayne neighborhood.  A McGruff House sign placed inside the front window of a volunteer participant's home designates a McGruff House.  School children are taught that a McGruff House can be used to summon appropriate authorities to help them.

Nationally, the McGruff House program is coordinated by the National McGruff House Network as a licensed program of the National Crime Prevention Council.

Locally, the McGruff House program is a cooperative effort of the Wayne Police Department.  Typically, a McGruff House participant is a volunteer who is recruited through the efforts of the Wayne Police Department.  The participant then completes a McGruff House application and sends it to the Wayne Police Department.  The application is then forwarded to the Nebraska Department of Public Safety for a background check.  If the applicant is approved, he/she is then notified by the sponsoring school's Safety Chairperson.  The applicant then attends a training session and receives a McGruff House sign at the end of the session.

Standard McGruff House Requirements

To be accepted into the program, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Reside in the Wayne School District
  • One member of your household must be 18 years of age or older
  • You must have homeowner's liability insurance, or if renting, renter's liability insurance
  • You must have a working telephone (preferably a cordless phone)
  • Be generally available when children are going to and from school
  • Annually complete, date, and sign an application form, including the agreement to a law enforcement background check.

For more information, call the Wayne Police Department at (402) 375-2626 for a McGruff House application.

McGruff Truck

A McGruff Truck is a utility/municipal truck that children and other people can flag down when they feel threatened or in danger.  The driver then calls for help on the truck's two-way radio or cell phone.  McGruff Trucks are marked with special McGruff logos (like the home signs), which most children recognize immediately.  Participating companies benefit by offering a valuable public service that builds goodwill in the communities they serve.

McGruff Truck Program Particpants Can Be:

  • Publicly owned, publicly regulated, or publicly franchised utility companies
  • Government-regulated utility companies

All McGruff Trucks Must:

  • Be identified by the company's/municipality logo
  • Have immediate and direct access to two-way communication

More than 25,000 utility trucks and trained drivers from 125 utility companies now participate in the program.  Participating utility companies work closely with law enforcement, whose cooperation they frequently depend upon when their services are necessary.