Curbside Service

We will continue to offer curbside service! Please take advantage of this service if you are uncomfortable with visiting us. Call us at 402-375-3135 to ask questions.

We have also expanded our games, puzzles, and DVDs to a limit of 10 total.

To set up our curbside service -

  • Step 1: Call 402-375-3135 or log in to your account online to request items. (If you are interested in our puzzles please call in to request as online holds are currently not working for those items)
  • Step 2: A librarian will call the following morning to schedule a time frame for your pick-up.
  • Step 3: Arrive at the library at your designated time and call or ring the doorbell located on our dropbox to let us know you have arrived.

If you don’t know what you’d like to get and do not feel comfortable with our online catalog, phone or email us to share titles, authors, genres you have enjoyed and we will be happy to pull a selection for you to try.