Looking Ahead in Wayne

May 5, 2021

City Council Meetings

Regular City Council meetings are at 5:30 p.m. on the first and third Tuesdays of each month at the Community Activity Center....until this COVID virus is behind us. Come on by virtually or in person and be an active citizen participant in City government!

Power Cost Adjustment (PCA) to start June 1

The City Council took official action to recover a portion of the additional electrical costs from Winter Storm Uri, the polar vortex event that took place in mid-February. The City had just over $819,000 in additional direct costs associated with the event. These costs included power prices as well as other costs passed on by the City's power provider. These costs will be reimbursed with the PCA. The City estimates that fuel costs and operational costs of the power plant during this event amounted to another $177,000. That cost will be absorbed into the City budget as an overrun and not recovered through the PCA.

So what does this all mean? Starting with electric customers' June 1 billing, they will see an additional $0.0124 per kWh charged on your electric bill (this is an extra $12.40 for every 1000 kWh used). Look under the usage column on your most recent City utility bill for "electric" and you can calculate what this PCA will mean in dollars and cents. For example, my personal bill for May 1 (usage from 3/15 through 4/14) was 615 kWh. This means if the PCA would have been in place for this billing, I would have seen an additional $7.63 added to my electric bill. This PCA will be in place for 12 months starting on June 1, 2021. If you have questions regarding this PCA, please contact City Hall at 402-375-1733.

Greener Grass on the Way

The City Council approved irrigation improvements to Hank Overin Field at its last meeting. This fall the field will be getting a new main irrigation line including all new feeder lines (sprinkler lines and heads) including the terraces outside of the fence to the west an the north. These areas have not been irrigated in the past. The infield lines will not be replaced as they are new from an infield improvement project in 2019.

Tree Trimming

The trees are starting to leaf out and new growth is prominent. You may like to trim your trees at certain times of the year, but the City wants to remind everyone to be considerate of those using the sidewalks as walkers, runners and bikers. The law states that all trees hanging over the sidewalks shall be trimmed to seven (7) feet above the ground. This should be ample height for pedestrians and property owners alike to enjoy the beautiful trees in our community.

Questions, comments, concerns? Contact Wes Blecke, City Administrator at 375-1733 or by email.