Other Services

Nutrition Education

This is a program to promote better health by providing accurate and culturally sensitive nutrition, physical fitness or health information and instruction to participants and caregivers in a group or individual setting overseen by a dietician or individual of comparable expertise. We have Barb Leuschen, a registered dietician speak at the Senior Center four times a year. Barb also approves all of our diets to meet the recommended dietary requirements. All means served at the Wayne Senior Center are fully-prepared in-house.

Information & Assistance

This is a service for older individuals that provides them with current information on opportunities and services available to them within their community.


This service includes interventions initiated by an agency or organization for the purpose of identifying potential clients and encouraging their use of existing services and benefits. This must be an individual, one-on-one contact between a service provider and an elderly client.

Education / Training

We present information in a group setting to provide clients with information which can be used to improve the quality of life.

Health Clinic

These are services provided by licensed health care professionals that are designed to identify, prevent or treat a physical or mental health problem. These services include individualized health intervention provided by a health professional. On every third Wednesday of the month from 10:30 am - 11:50 am, Mary Nichols, a registered nurse, does blood pressure and blood sugar checks.


This service includes the regular publication and distribution of written information intended to keep the public or special audience groups informed about aging-related issues. We have a monthly newsletter published at the Wayne Senior Center. You can pick one of these up at the Center, we can mail one to you, or you can find them online by visiting Newsletters.


We provide activities such as physical fitness or exercise class, sports, performing arts, games and crafts. We have one of the most active Center's around. We have a wonderful quilting group that quilts daily. They have hand-quilted over 260 quilts since 1990. We have a very active group of billiards players that meet on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. We offer computer classes every other month and have free access to computers and the internet. We call it Seniors Surfing the Net. We have music entertainers throughout the month. Playing cards is one of the favorite activities at the Wayne Senior Center. We have also added crafts throughout the year.

Some activities that we have added to recruit younger Seniors to the Center are evening meals and special entertainment. These have been very successful and will be happening monthly in the future. We have a few people in the community that tease that they are not old enough to come to the Senior Center. As you can tell by the activities that we provide, this is a center to provide stimulation for seniors and keep them as active as possible.

Telephone & Visitor

This service includes regular contact made through the telephone to persons who are homebound, at risk of loss of independence or visiting an older individual whose opportunities for socialization are limited by frailty or illness.

Public Information

This service provides information pertinent to older adults and responds to requests for information or speakers from an organization.

General Information

This service is composed of one-on-one contact regarding aging services that results in a referral to another agency, written material being distributed or is in response to a question. We work very closely with the Medical Clinic, the Health and Human Services, the Alzheimer's Association, Home Health, Premier Estates, the Oaks, and the local pharmacies. These are all vital agencies that we can refer the senior to. We also have phone numbers and brochures with information to many of these places.

Financial Counseling

This service includes the provision of information and a presentation of options on a one-on-one basis. It is designed to assist an older individual in obtaining financial services and benefits. Service includes public benefits counseling and tax assistance counseling.

Durable Medical Equipment

We have a local veterans program in town that assists people with medical equipment. We refer individuals to this group.


Services are provided without regard to race, origin, handicaps, age or sex.