Street Lights


In 1993 the City of Wayne initiated a re-lighting project converting the City's street lights from mercury vapor (MV) fixtures to high pressure sodium fixtures (HPS). A study showed that a 250 watt HPS fixture will produce 24,750 mean lumens whereas a 400 watt MV fixture will produce 18,900 mean lumens. By changing fixtures it would create approximately a 30% increase in lumens at 150 watts less per fixture. By changing 138 of these fixtures along 3rd Street and Main Street, the City saved over $3,000 annually.

At this rate of saving, the full return on the investment for the 250 HPS fixtures would be approximately five years. Along with this project the City changed the rest of the street lighting from 175 watt MV to 100 and 150 watt HPS fixtures, increasing the City's savings. The long-term result of the street light change out would be 30% more light for 40% less cost.


The Electric Distribution Department maintains over 750 street and security lights throughout the City as well as on the campus of Wayne State College. As the bulbs in most of these lights start to burn out the lights will begin to cycle on and off. A light that stays on, even in daylight conditions, is usually the result of a damaged photocell. If you notice these or any other problems with lights, contact us and a crew will respond in a timely manner to repair or replace the light.