72-Hour Kit

Your 72-Hour Family Preparedness Kit may include:

  • 3 gallons of water per person
  • Ready-to-eat food for three days, including high energy foods such as peanut butter, trail mix, etc.
  • A manual (non-electric) can opener
  • Special medicine needs for members of your family
  • A First-Aid Kit
  • A battery- or solar-operated radio along with extra batteries
  • A fire extinguisher, ABC type
  • A portable butane or charcoal stove
  • Matches, in a waterproof container
  • Paper and pencils
  • A shut-off wrench to turn off utilities
  • Sanitation items: toilet paper, soap, personal hygiene items, plastic bags, a plastic bucket with a tight lid, disinfectant, liquid chlorine bleach
  • A tent, camping type, for the family

Items for a family preparedness kit can be placed possibly in a 30-gallon garbage container with wheels for easy evacuation, if necessary. Medicine, some food, and personal items may be placed in each individual backpack. Rotate your food supply on a regular basis.

Items that can help for stress management may include soft small toys for children, board games for youth, and books or a musical instrument for anyone including adults. Be sure to pack food items that are favorites of members of the family.

Your vehicle should have survival items such as: a comfortable set of clothes, a set of sturdy walking shoes, an emergency blanket, warm clothing, a flashlight, batteries and water.