Handicap Permits

Handicap Permits

Any person with a permanent or temporary disability may obtain a handicap-parking permit. Permanent and temporary permits are issued to persons with severe visual or physical impairment which limits personal mobility and results in an inability to travel unassisted for more than 200 feet without the use of a wheelchair, crutch, walker or other prosthetic, orthotic, or other assistant device; any applicant whose personal mobility is limited as a result of respiratory problems; any applicant who has a cardiac condition to the extent that his or her functional limitations are classified in severity as being Class III or Class IV, according to standards set forth by the American Heart Association; and any applicant who has permanently lost all or substantially all the use of one or more limbs.

A person may obtain an application for an handicap parking permit from the Wayne City Clerk's office at 306 Pearl Street or by calling 375-1733 between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.

The Handicapped Parking Permit can also be downloaded from the Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles website.

The application form must be:

  1. Filled out with the appropriate information
  2. Taken to a physician, who will sign the form stating that the applicant is in need of a handicap permit
  3. The form is then returned to the City Clerk. There is no charge for the handicapped parking permit
  4. The City Clerk will mail the form to the State Department of Motor Vehicles in Lincoln, Nebraska
  5. The DMV will issue the permit and mail it directly to the applicant

Permanent permits expire September 30th of the third year following the date of issuance.

Temporary permits may be renewed once. The maximum issuance period is six months, but may be renewed for another six months.

If the original permit has been lost or stolen, a duplicate permit will be issued at no fee and the original permit will be voided. An applicant does not have to have the medical portion of the form completed if the medical form was previously completed at the time of the most recent application for a permit or renewal is on file with the City Clerk.