Third Party Notice, Landlord & Tenant Rules

Third Party Notice

Third party notice is available to all Utility customers. Upon request, the Utility will send a copy of any notice of utility service discontinuance to the person (third party) authorized. This service benefits the disabled, handicapped or elderly, since notice will ensure a third party is aware of possible discontinuance of utility service.

Landlord and Tenant Rules

The Utility considers as its customer that person who makes application for utility service and who assumes responsibility for payment of service. Services will normally continue until the customer requests that it be discontinued or until such time that the customer does not adhere to the rules and regulations of service.

Upon request of discontinuance of service by a tenant, the meter reading is recorded and the electric and/or water service disconnected unless written notice is received by the Utility from the Landlord indicating service is to become responsibility of the Landlord. Service will be reconnected when the new tenant applies for utility service and pays the deposit and reconnect fee. The Utility will not be responsible for damage to property due to lack of heat, etc. It is the Landlord's responsibility to monitor the occupancy of his/her property.

Any unpaid delinquent water or sewer utility rents and charges shall be declared by the Utility to be a lien upon the real estate for which the utility service was used.