Energy Efficiency

The City of Wayne strives to help its citizens and customers with energy efficiency issues. The links below have been created to help you save money on utility costs and become more energy efficient.

Load Management Program

The City of Wayne Load Management Program is a voluntary, FREE service that helps control costs of your electric utility. The program works by having a control switch installed on your home's central air conditioning unit. Once installed, on peak (or heavy) electrical load days, the switch temporarily interrupts the compressor for a short period of time (seven and a half minutes) in order to lower the peak load on the electric utility. The interrupt is applied randomly by a software system. We currently have more than 800 air conditioning units in the City of Wayne taking part in this program.

An application for the Load Management program and further details and FAQs are available at the link below.

Link: City of Wayne Load Management Sign-Up Form


The first site is the Apogee HomeEnergySuite. This site will provide you the opportunity to conduct an online audit of your home energy usage. All of the current utility rates for Wayne have been programmed into the site. Fill out the form with your house type, appliance type, window style, etc. and find out what your average utility bill will be. This is a great tool to show how much you can lower your own energy costs by replacing windows, upgrading appliances, installing heat pumps, etc.

The following links can also help in determining how to improve your energy efficiency:

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