Energy Efficency Tips

LED's Can Help Brighten Your Christmas

Christmas lights help make the season special, but they certainly don't help brighten your mood when they are a source of frustration. Are you tired of trying to find the lone burned out bulb in a set of Christmas lights? Ever drop a set of Christmas lights only to discover some of the filaments were broken inside the bulb? Ever put up an entire string of lights only to discover the set does not work? An answer to this seasonal frustration can be found in Light Emitting Diode (LED) Christmas lights.

  • LED Christmas lights are superior to old, incandescent bulb strings of lights in several ways.
  • LED Christmas lights have an extremely long life. Some manufacturers state their LED strings will last 100,000 hours or approximately 100 Christmas seasons! This should all but eliminate the need to spen dhours trying to replace burned out bulbs.
  • LED Christmas lights are a solid state device, which means they are very durable and can better withstand being knocked around than conventional Christmas lights.
  • LED Christmas lights are a proven technology used in hundreds of thousands of Christmas displays throughout the U.S. They come in many different styles, colors and sizes.
  • LED Christmas lights are safe -- cool to the touch, and they eliminate most fire concerns.

Energy Efficiency Means You Save Money In the Long Run

LED's produce more light per watt than other types of lighting. Each bulb uses only 0.04 watst and is up to 90% more efficient than its incandescent counterpart. For a household that displays 10 strands of light for eight hours a day for a month, LED Christmas lights would cost only $7.20 for the season (at about 8.5 cents per kilowatt hour). Compare that to $127.67 the homeowner would spend to hang 10 strands of large, incandescent bulbs. Bottom line, although they may cost more up front, because of their long life and low-cost to run, LED's can save money over time.

Let LED Christmas lighst put a new joy into the Christmas season. Save your energy dollars for other items that may be on Santa's list!

For more information on steps homeowners can take to improve the efficiency of their homes, visit the Energy Star Home Advisor. Lots of useful energy efficient information is also available from NPPD.

City of Wayne Utilities wants you to get the most energy value for your money. It costs far less to save energy than it does to build a new power plant to generate additional power!