Wellhead Protection Plan

What is Wellhead Protection?

The goal of Nebraska's Wellhead Protection Program is to protect the land and groundwater surrounding public drinking water supply wells from contamination. Since approximately 85% of Nebraskans receive their drinking water from groundwater, preventing groundwater contamination is vital.

The Wellhead Protection 101 link gives a brief overview of makeup of a Wellhead Protection Plan: Link: Wellhead Protection 101 (PDF)

Below is a copy of the Wellhead Protection Plan that has been passed and adopted by the City Council.

Wellhead Protection Plan

All files are in PDF format.

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Files Broken up into Sections

Link: Wellhead Protection Plan (PDF)

(14 MB - 50 pages) Link: Appendix A - Documentation of Public Involvement (PDF)

(5 MB - 103 pages) Link: Appendix B - 2009 Water System Master Plan (PDF)

(3 MB - 63 pages) Link: Appendix C - Current Ordinances and Municipal Code (PDF)

(30 MB - 56 pages) Link: Appendix D - Annual Water Quality Report and Survey (PDF)

(4 MB - 50 pages) Link: Appendix E - Emergency Response Plan (PDF)

(1 MB - 49 pages)