Electrical Construction

New Services

All new services and all service entrances replaced due to a change in the customer's load shall be underground. The City will continue to own and maintain existing overhead services so long as they are adequate to serve the customer's load.

The City shall provide a point of delivery on the customer's property line in reasonable proximity to the city's distribution system and will furnish the meter and meter socket. All costs beyond the point of delivery shall be borne by the customer.

Underground service entrances shall be installed, owned and maintained by the customer.

Temporary Services

A charge of $50 will be made for each temporary single-phase service connection, consisting of service wires, and meter only. When more than the connection of service wires is required, the customer shall pay for the work done for the City on a cost-plus basis.

Licensed Electricians

All electricians working within the City's jurisdiction, must have a current electrical license with the State of Nebraska and must be licensed within the City of Wayne. To obtain a license from the City of Wayne the electrician must provide the City Clerk's office, located at 306 Pearl Street, with a copy of their state license.

There will be a $100 original license fee the first year and a $50 renewal fee each year there after as long as the renewal is made by January 31. If the renewal is not made by January 31 the license will be considered an original.