In collaboration with the Wayne Herald, Wayne Public Library now offers access to digitized files of the various newspapers published in Wayne, Nebraska over the past 140 years. Files prior to 2000 were digitized from microfilm, and the quality of the documents varies widely. Beginning in 2000, files were digitized directly from the publisher of the paper. In recent years, the Wayne Herald has shared their digital files directly with the library.

While the files are keyword searchable, do not assume a keyword search will always be successful. Files from older issues or from microfilm that are of degraded quality may require actual browsing page by page.

All material remains the property of the Wayne Herald. These files are available for personal research, and all copyright laws apply.

By clicking on the button below you agree to follow and comply with all copyright laws.


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Wayne Public Library owns microfilm of Wayne newspapers going back to the 1880s. This microfilm is available at no charge for anyone to view during the library's open hours.  Printing is 10 cents per page.

For persons who cannot travel to Wayne, the library does offer a fee-based reference service. These charges are incurred anytime a library staff member spends time reviewing the microfilm at a patron's request, whether or not the requested information is located.   A maximum of 2 hours (120 minutes) of search time is available per request due to limited staff time.   

Requestors must agree to the fee guidelines before any searching is begun.

The fee guidelines are:

  • Searching is available at $15.00 per 30 minutes of staff time.  This includes the printing and mailing of up to 4 pages.
  • Additional copies can be made and mailed at 25 cents per page.
  • If the requestor has the exact date and issue of the newspaper, 1 copy of an article or obituary will be made and mailed for $5.00.  
  • The minimum charge for microfilm searching is $5.00
  • All checks should be made out to Wayne Public Library