Public works is one of the most important aspects of any community. It could be said that the only way most people would realize the necessity of the work done by public works would be if the work were not done at all.

So long as the streets are maintained without potholes and the snow is removed from the pavement and garbage or debris is not littering the neighborhood, most citizens have little reason to care who does the work or how it gets done. Public works employees go about their business making their community a better place to live, work and play.


The Department is responsible for:

  • Handling typical public works systems such as streets and storm water
  • Caring for and maintaining Wayne's various parks and the swimming pool
  • Maintaining of the City fleet of 57 vehicles
  • Overseeing the various aspects of community forestry
  • Providing property owners with a tree-planting program for street trees each spring
  • Handing out notices regarding the mowing of vegetation and removal of dead trees in order to ensure properties or neighborhoods do not become blighted
  • Maintenance of many of the City's various buildings and grounds

The work done by the Department changes with the weather and seasons, but the mission remains the same: to serve the people of Wayne.