Alleys are useful means to provide residents and businesses with valuable services. Services delivered in alleys include sanitary sewer, cable television, garbage collection, electricity, natural gas and telephone.

Most alleys in town are considered open and are maintained by the Public Works Department. Downtown alleys are paved with concrete or asphalt overlay while residential alleys are a rocked surface. They are typically 16 feet wide and provide property owners with additional access to their residences and/or businesses.


The City owns the 16-foot wide stretch of property where the alleys are located. However, property owners have certain responsibilities. Property owners are required to mow or control vegetation from their property line to the center of the alley. Parking is not allowed in any section or part of an alley with an exception for unloading (maximum time limit of one hour).

Maintenance & Improvements

The Public Works Department maintains rock alleys with a motor grader as needed and as weather conditions allow. However the rock eventually sinks into the alleys with time and occasionally needs to be replaced. Each spring the City of Wayne offers a cost share program for alley improvements.


Property owners can circulate a petition within their block to have new rock spread on the alley. The City hauls and spreads the rock for the full block and pays half of the cost of the material. The property owners signing the petition share the other one-half of the cost. Petitions can be obtained at the City Clerk's office at 306 Pearl Street or call (402) 375-1300 for more information.